• Adults

Some resorts know the price of everything - and the value of nothing. We're different at Viva Vacation. We know the value of holiday-enhancing delights that can never be priced in just monetary terms:


*Staff so warmly appreciated that guests are known to have had moist eyes when leaving.

*A huge garden so highly treasured that its exotic, lush greenery will never succumb to concrete; our 11 villas will remain just 11.

*Genuine privacy, yet a setting that fosters a community feeling that can melt language barriers, with guests of all ages readily chilling, occasionally sharing laughter and tales from across the world.

*Peace and security, unplagued by jet-skis disturbing the tranquil waters that lap our white sandy beach, the ideal spot to capture sensational sunsets.

*Monkeys occasionally dropping by to harvest coconuts from our garden trees - to the delight of children, and adults who never really left childhood.

We could fill pages telling you about our swimmer-friendly sea, our huge pool, our beachside bar and our exquisite international restaurant, but we thought we should first give you a sense of who we are: A resort that understands birdsong, an orchid in bloom, a shoal of flying fish moving like the wind over a glittering sea - nature's gifts that for us will always have a value beyond price.

Truly, paradise found.